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SCM offshore cranes


Alatas, provide Crane Engineers for SCM offshore cranes worldwide.


Rope luffing lattice boom cranes

SCM supplies tough and reliable offshore cranes, meeting all international standards and certification requirements.

Customized designs are available to various sea states and meeting different offshore requirements.

SCM has manufactured and delivered more than 100 offshore cranes with max. boom length of up to 62m, hoisting capacity up to 50t and fastest whip line hook speeds.

SCM cranes distinguish themselves trough robust, simple and durable construction. The drive controls are fully hydraulic. High quality, German made components eliminate the need for sophisticated control electronics, while maintaining precise, safe and positive control of all motions at all times. This greatly reduces breakdowns, simplifies troubleshooting and provides for easy and low cost maintenance.

SCM has been granted two national patents for this kind of offshore crane technology.

Crane motions are performed by main hoist unit, whip hoist unit, slewing unit and luffing unit. Hoisting / luffing winches consist of drum, reduction unit with high- strength internal planetary gears, disc brake and axial piston motor with excellent performance.

Dynamic braking is performed hydraulically whilest the spring loaded multiple disc brakes serve as the holding brakes. Both brakes will engage immediately in the event of loss of power thus ensuring safety

The ratio of drum diameter to rope diameter is not less than 18:1, which prolongs wire rope life.

The crane is equipped with a luffing locking device. Locking is performed through a ratchet and pawl system mounted on the luffing winch. The device can be controlled in the operator's cabin.

The slewing unit is driven by axial piston motors having excellent performance. The rotation of slewing platform and boom is performed through the direct mesh between the output pinion of high-strength planetary reduction gearbox and the inner or outer gear ring of slew ring bearing.


Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system consists of two or three sets of hydraulic pumps driven by diesel engine(s) or electric motor(s), various valves and pipes. The hydraulic oil from the pumps is transferred to the hoisting winch, slewing motor and luffing winch by a load sensing control block which allows highly precise crane movements. The main control block is controlled by a hydraulic a servo system, .all motions can be controlled step-less from zero to maximum speed. Winch- and slewing motors are equipped with load balancing valves to ensure all motions are safe and smooth.

Return filters are provided for the hydraulic system to remove impurities in the hydraulic oil.

An forced air draught oil cooler in conjunction with two thermostats ensures that the oil temperature stays in the optimal range.


Operators cabin

The cabin is of closed construction, ergonomically designed amnd comfortably equipped to reduce operator fatigue.

All operations are controlled from inside the cabin. The location of the cabin gives excellent visibility of the entire working area. It can be positioned either at the left or right side of the crane.

The main control devices are "spring centered" control joysticks. One is used to controlling hoisting motion, the other is used for controlling the slewing and luffing motions.

A console monitoring all additional instrumentation can be located on the operator’s left or right hand side.


Safety system

Hoisting, luffing and slewing units are equipped with a auto-protection device. This device is independent from the control oil line of the main power system. All motions stop automatically to ensure crane safety in the event of a power failure or pressure loss.

Safety valve mounted inside main control valve for overload protection on all motions.
Normally closed type brake is equipped for hoisting, luffing winch and slewing unit.
Automatic hook stop in the upper and lower limit positions.
Automatic hook stop in the upper and lower limit positions.
Automatic slew stop as per users requirement.
Emergency release on the stowing platform.
Short circuit and overheat protection for electric motor.
Crane is equipped with alarm horn.

Flood lights are mounted on the crane boom to ensure safe cargo operation.


Scope of supply

Every crane is thoroughly load- and function tested on our in-house, inclined test stand prior delivery
Crane base prepared for welding to deck. Base height (normally not more than 2m) can be in accordance with user's requirement.
Crane surface has been sandblasted, the primer and top coat can be in accordance with manufacturers standard (or user's requirements).
Spare parts as per manufacturers standards are delivered together with crane.
Certificate of Classification Society, Works certificate of quality, test report and certificates of hook, shackle, wire rope etc. required by the user will be supplied together with crane.
Technical documents concerning installation, operation and maintenance are provided.
Guidance and technical support for installation and commissioning onboard ship will be supplied.


According to user's requirement,the following items are available:

Explosion proof protection
Safety load moment limiter.
Air-conditioner for operator's cabin.
Electric motor or diesel engine driven (selected by user).
Four lever crane control.
Dynamic Wave Compensation (Special Option)



The crane can be designed as per user's requirements.
The crane's technical data are subject to the final approved drawings.
Because of the transportation, the crane is normally divided into several parts such as boom, slewing platform, base, A-frame and operator's cabin etc.





Technical data

Offshore crane technical data for rope luffing crane




Offshore crane reference list

Offshore crane technical data for rope luffing crane 609kb

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